Welcome to my world and a little introduction to

Flourishing and Nourishing

Up until a year ago I was living a pretty conventional youngish professional lifestyle….and then we moved to Oman, and I had the opportunity to take some time out of my busy career and focus on doing something for me.

6 months later, the idea of Flourishing and Nourishing was born,Β the ethos at Flourishing and Nourishing is focused on using nutrition to help you flourish across all areas of your life.

I believe eating healthily and making mindful choices across all aspects of your life are the key to a healthy happy life.

Over the next few months I will be launching my Nutrition and Weight Loss Plans. In the meantime I will be sharing lots of new recipes and tips on my Blog and Instagram, if you want to join me on this journey, follow my Blog or Instagram to see what’s coming up!