A Little Bit About Me


Welcome to my blog and a little bit about me!

Up until about 8 months ago I was living a typical youngish professional lifestyle….working hard, playing hard and definitely guilty of burning the candle at both ends.  Now at 31 my life has taken a new direction, I’ve jumped off the corporate ladder and into the unknown.  I loved my life in Bath, and loved my job, but one thing this busy lifestyle did lack was time especially spare time.

Now I have loads of time and I’ve started to realise how much I was missing out on always rushing around.  At the time I was working a busy week with of lots of early starts and long hours driving, (not that I am complaining I loved getting paid for my hard work!) and then when I got home I wanted to impress my husband, family, friends with my cooking skills (inspired by hours of watching Masterchef – the one thing I have always made for time), hit the gym, check out the latest bars and restaurants in town, basically never stopping to take the time to relax, and it made exhausted, irritable and moany.

Now thanks to my husband and his career, I have time, so it’s time to realign and focus on what’s important in life, and make the most of this opportunity.

Never one to take the obvious route, it’s bye bye beautiful Bath, and Marhabaan Nizwa. Over the next few years I will be discovering at least one new country, exploring my passion for nutrition, healthy living, and not to mention embracing this new country and culture.  If you fancy discovering all of these things with me sign up below or follow me on Instagram for regular updates.

Ma’salama for now!

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